Hove Park Hypnotherapy
Ginny Lewis


T: 07738 772483

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" I was a bit sceptical about attending hypnotherapy, but after years of trying to deal with my anxiety & depression to no avail I thought 'nothing ventured nothing gained'. After only two sessions with Ginny I feel like I have a completely different outlook on life and am much more relaxed. Issues I have tried to overcome for many years now seem like a distant memory & I am more able to deal with my emotions and anxieties. For me hypnotherapy has really helped and I would definitely recommend it." G.B.


"My time management was awful, and I was really getting worried about delivering work on time to clients, drinking endless coffees and so on. The day after I had my session, I woke up and just felt different. It was remarkable. My productivity has increased and my coffee intake has decreased!" B.D.


For years I had always thought about trying hypnosis for my fear of cats, but I didn't give it priority. When my grandchildren arrived I was aware that they were being effected by my reactions - if we met a cat on the street I would freeze and become anxious, and the kids would ask why gran was scared, then they would become scared too. After just one session with Ginny I had gone from an 8 out of 10 on her anxiety scale to a 1 or2. Now when I see a cat I can walk past it calmly-it doesn't bother me at all. I wouldn't have believed that a fear I had all my life could disappear like that." S.H.


"Ginny does more than hypnotise you- which she does very well. She also takes time to explain everything. She talked me through the sleep cycle and the importance of getting that back to normal. In a later session we talked through my cravings, what was happening to my blood sugar levels, and the importance of the glycemic index foods. She educates as well as heals." S.L.